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Accessibility Settings

What We Do

Springboard works closely with young people and their families to engage them in learning and facilitate transition to their next appropriate placement.  This may be a return to school, college, specialist placement or alternative provider. 

Staff will identify the areas in learning and pastoral care that need to be supported and work with the pupil and family to put this in place, or make recommendations to the mainstream school regarding appropriate next steps.

We take a stepped approach to improving attendance and engagement by challenging young people to increase their resilience.  For some this may mean moving from 1-2-1 tuition to group tuition on our site and finally a return to mainstream or an alternate provision.


For pupils receiving 1-2-1 tuition, there is an expectation that they will complete work in addition to their face to face tuition sessions, as part of their blended learning programme.  Completion of additional work will form part of the allocated additional hours, and will count towards their attendance.

Behaviour for Learning

Springboard supports many highly vulnerable young people.  Expectations for behaviour are high, in order to enable all who attend to feel safe. Safety plans are discussed and created  for all pupils who attend on site. 

Reintegration and Transition

Engagement work is tailored to the individual needs of each student and a plan is developed through goal setting in consultation with the student at induction to ensure we understand how they feel about learning and their goals and aspirations for the future.

Transition to their next steps  is supported by 

  • Attendance support
  • Interview support
  • Suggesting out of school activities 
  • Reintegration to group education 
  • Independence and confidence building
  • Time limited phone or text support 
  • Meetings with school and parent to support the reintegration plan

Engagement, attendance, mentoring and reintegration work together to enable students to achieve and progress whilst with Springboard.