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SEND + Local Offer

Springboard Tuition  Provision Map.

The Springboard provision map is designed to respond to student needs based on the 4 areas of SEND as defined by the Code of Practice (COP- Revised January 2015). Springboard is an education service that provides educational support to children and young people of school age whose education has been interrupted for a time. Although their individual circumstances may vary widely, they all run the risk of a loss of self confidence and a reduction in educational achievement because their normal schooling has been disrupted. Our flexible approach to learning will ensure we target the individual’s needs by creating an education package that may consist of a combination of individual tuition, online supported learning and attendance at Springboard, leading to full time education in an appropriate provision.


The education package is informed by records from previous schools attended by the student, by good quality baseline assessments conducted at the start of the admission process, and by the student’s own, and  the parents’ or carers’ perceptions of the student’s needs.