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Cotelands accepts referrals for students who are Emotionally Based School Refusers. We are able to offer small class sizes, tailored to individual needs.

Cotelands is suitable for a young person who, due to issues such as anxiety and low mood, is unable to access mainstream education, but who is ready and able to access class sizes of approximately 5-10  students (with or without support). We accept school aged mothers if they are EBSR and therefore would also benefit from attending a smaller provision.

Students at Cotelands attend full time, on-site and follow a GCSE and Functional Skills based curriculum. 

If you would like to refer a student, but are unsure if Cotelands is appropriate for them, please do contact Kate Maidment-Young, Head of Provision at Cotelands.

If you would like to refer a student , but they are not yet ready for the class sizes at Cotelands, then please do look at the information on the Springboard section of our website. A referral to Sonia Kapoor, Head of Provision at Springboard , may be more appropriate route, in order to attend smaller on- site classes and build resilience towards a possible place at Cotelands. Again, please feel free to contact either Sonia or Kate to discuss this:

Kate Maidment-Young :

Sonia Kapoor :

Cotelands/Springboard: 02032522020