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Food Technology


All students who attend KS3 have a weekly cooking lesson. It will be fun and relevant to modern-day life, using ingredients that are readily available in your average supermarket. It will help students to build a solid base of knowledge.

What’s it all about:

Home cooking skills provides the ideal opportunity to begin cooking skills in school or to accredit teaching that already takes place. The aim of the qualification is to give every young person the basic skills and knowledge to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy and cost effective way for the rest of their lives, and the confidence to share these skills with friends and family.


All recipes are backed up by step-by-step photography, useful fact sheets and web links. Plus there are videos and images focusing on specific skills and even a few fun activity sheets. Students have practical experience throughout with teacher demonstration of recipes. 
Students will develop and practice cooking skills and follow the rules of food safety and hygiene.

KS 3:

Students will have the opportunity to develop their cooking skills; learn the names and functions of equipment used in the kitchen; understand the principles of hygiene and safety in food preparation; understand how to make informed decisions about diet and health; how to shop for food and safe food storage; understand and follow recipes that are underpinned with knowledge about planning, sourcing food, food hygiene and safety; transfer skills learnt to different recipes; food presentation; group work giving the opportunity for peer assessment.