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Family Support Worker ​​​​​​​

Family Support Worker ​​​​​​​

Family Support Worker - Wayne Lindsay

Hello, my name is Wayne and I am the Family Support Worker on the Taskforce. I act as an advocate for young people and their families, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are respected wherever they are. I empower young people and families by promoting positive relationships and enhancing their overall wellbeing, so I work closely with people, offering practical support, advocacy and connecting people to community resources. 

I provide and promote emotional support, self-care, and practical assistance to young people and families. To achieve this, I collaborate with families and professionals to assess any family needs, strengths, and challenges, set achievable goals, develop action plans, and identify appropriate support strategies.  Other examples of my support could be connecting families to appropriate community resources, such as healthcare, housing, childcare, counselling, financial assistance, and educational programs. 

I am continuously learning to stay updated on best practices, research, and trends in family support services to develop professionally and look out for new opportunities to support you.

If you see me in the provisions, please feel free to say hello. I work across all the sites in the Collegiate on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.