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Examination Dates & Timetables

Examination Dates & Timetables

Contingency Day for 2022 Examinations

The Contingency Day for examinations in 2022 is Wednesday 29th June 2022.  This means that all students taking examinations during the summer of 2022 should be available up to and including 29th June 2022 in case of any national or local disaster.   

The designation of a ‘Contingency Day’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or local disruption to examinations. It is part of the awarding bodies’ contingency planning for examinations.

AM exams start at 9.30am 

PM exams start at 1.30pm 

Please contact your provision immediately if you are going to be late or if there is a personal circumstance preventing you from arriving on time. 

KS4 South - 02086041414

KS4 North - 02087715603

Cotelands & Springboard - 02032522020