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Accessibility Settings

Cognitive and Learning Needs

Basic / Universal Entitlement SEN Provision
(Level 1)
(Level 2)
Differentiated Teaching and Learning strategies Cotelands based literacy / reading support group LSA support in/out of class One to one LSA support in/out of class
Personalised Accelerated Learning Monitored by SENCO.
Possible short-term LSA support
Focused teaching by LSA One to one focused teaching by LSA
Target setting procedures
Academic tutoring
Academic reviews
Reading/Spelling/handwriting group
One to one tuition (extra), e.g. LAC Maths/ English
Coursework support  
Monitoring by subject teacher, SENCO Further Differentiated teaching and learning strategies e.g. adjustment to learning outcomes of classwork task, differentiated homework assignments, handouts and PowerPoint slides provided, handwriting paper Referral to Educational Psychology Service (EPS) Exam Access arrangements, e.g. extra time, amanuensis (reader, scribe)
Varied curriculum pathways:
  • Vocational
  • Work Related Learning
  • Academic
Adjustment to seating plans, etc 1 to 1 work with TPRO
Adjustment to examination loading, increased flexibility programme, extended work experience
EHCP review of Statutory Provision 
bksbLIVE assessments and reporting on Maths, English and ICT levels 
MathsWatch CD 
bksbLIVE interventions for Maths and English 1 to 1 LSA intervention with bksbLIVE interventions for Maths and English