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Battersea Dogs Home visit - Tues 16th January 2017

The Battersea Dogs Home visited, with a Lurcher called Murphy.

The woman who came with him told me all about what it is like to work there, as I am very interested in working with animals.

She said they have lots of people that work for them, including vets, who care for the dogs, give them medicines and go collect dogs in an emergency. There are other people who clean out the cages, feed and walk the dogs.

I was able to do some tricks with Murphy like sit, paw, touch, lay down and wait.

He did really well at them all. After each one I gave him a treat.

They gave us a talk on the dogs at the home and some advice on what to do and not do if you want to have a dog.

We also had a quiz, which was really good with lots of information.

Murphy was sleeping mostly but he was really friendly and cute.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it.


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    Published 18/04/16

    S.A.M.E Academy visit Driving Awareness

    Friday 13th January 2017

    It was good them coming in because I already knew about driving, though it was good having someone who knew more than us.

    I already know quite a lot, but coming from him, I could see it’s a very serious topic.

    The information was helpful and easy to understand, it helped me to understand more about driving.


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