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Learning Pathway B

Subject Target Exam Schemes of work/
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English AQA Entry Level English, Edexcel Functional Skills English (onscreen or paper based), AQA iGCSE Certificate in English Language  

iGCSE English Specification

Entry Level English

Maths Edexcel GCSE Maths,  Edexcel Maths Award Skills, AQA - Entry Level Certificate, Edexcel Maths Functional Skills Maths Maths Higher SoW, Maths Foundation SoW, Statistics Higher SoW, Statistics Foundation SoW, Maths Award
ICT     Edexcel Functional Skills ICT/ AQA GCSE Business & Comm. Systems Specification
Science      Edexcel Entry Level Science Specification
Religious Studies AQA GCSE Religious Studies (short course) Pupils will study six topic areas:
1.    Religious attitudes to matter of life (Medical ethics)
2.    Religious attitudes to the elderly and death.
3.    Religious attitudes to drug abuse.
4.    Religious attitudes to crime and punishment.
5.    religious attitudes to rich and poor in British society.
6.    religious attitudes to World poverty.